Mr. Moayedi named “Texan of the Week” for non-profit work through Operation Forever Free

Mr. Mehrdad Moayedi, President of Centurion American Development Group was named “Texan of the Week” in February by The Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Companies and the Texas State Networks for his significant contribution to the community through his non-profit organization called Operation Forever Free.

Operation Forever Free is part of a non-profit organization assisting injured military service men and women. In 2005, a decision was made to form an organization that would express gratitude by financially assisting service men and women who have been wounded. After all, the sacrifices of these hometown heroes protect the very freedoms we enjoy every day.

Operation Forever Free will review the needs of injured service men and women, as they are brought to the attention of the organization. Operation Forever Free will then evaluate and assess the organization’s ability to meet such needs.

More often, these men and women have endured life-changing injuries; which require modifications and adaptations in their living environments. The goal is to improve the quality of life through various means. These include assistance with transportation needs, modifying/re-modeling homes, and in some cases, providing a new home at no cost to these families. The organization’s efforts include these items, but are not limited to these items. Each situation will be reviewed individually, on a case by case basis.