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At Centurion American, we understand that people like to live in different ways. For some families, the backdrop to an ideal lifestyle is a gorgeous single-family house in a neighborhood surrounded by parks, golf courses, and world-class trails for biking, hiking, and running. For others, the perfect residence is a multi-family home development situated in the heart of a bustling urban community. We seek to serve both sides with our real estate developments in the Dallas area.

Our Multi-Family Home Development Vision

Centurion’s collection of Dallas multi-family homes provides unique opportunities for homeowners who are seeking non-traditional alternatives. If you aren’t attracted to the single-family home, then one of our multi-family living communities might be the perfect fit for you.

We envision multi-family living not in cramped apartment buildings where every unit is identical but as a series of unique and lovely townhomes and condominiums. Each building and unit in our multi-family home developments exhibits the same rich character and attention to nuance and detail that you would find in one of our single-family home developments. Stylish architecture and feature-rich dwellings are just as much of a priority for people seeking multi-family living as they are for those buying single-family homes. We approach our multi-family projects accordingly.

Our townhomes are elegant and superbly-crafted dwellings characterized by small, artful details that speak to our style and craftsmanship. Our condos typically provide chic modern living in the heart of vibrant city neighborhoods. Our design choices are often driven by our buyers, and we can adapt our plans to suit your wants, must-haves, and stylistic preferences. Our architectural and interior design teams can work with you to craft the townhome or condo unit that will make you feel at home.

Regardless of whether you choose a townhome or a condo, and whether you choose to buy a pre-built unit or collaborate with us on the design process, you can expect your residence to fit snugly into the vision that Centurion American has always followed. We love incorporating beautifully-designed multi-family home development projects into the right areas. We seek out property in safe, upscale neighborhoods. We want our developments to balance prime property location convenience with lush foliage and other natural scenery. We exist to combine the thrill and convenience of urban living with the charms of a suburban lifestyle.

Incorporating Living, Work, and Play

At Centurion American, when we craft Dallas multi-family homes, we do so with a mission of combining multiple lifestyle options into one harmonious ideal. Some of our buyers prefer to keep the three pieces of “live, work, play” separate. They like their homes to be removed from their workplaces or away from city nightlife because they appreciate that sense of having their own oasis. For these individuals and families, our single-family communities are perfect. If you would rather have your “live, work, play” served all together, our multi-family communities are a better fit.

With our multi-family developments, we seek creative ways to integrate our residential developments into areas of commercial activity. Near our developments—or sometimes even right within our neighborhoods—you will find commercial outlets such as hotels, office buildings, retail stores, restaurants, and even medical offices. We often make use of mixed-use development strategies, putting offices or retail on the ground floor of our buildings and incorporating residences on the upper floors.

One example is The Riverwalk at Central Park, a multi-family home development built as a vibrant and exciting downtown area. This mixed-use development combines everything from housing to offices to retail shops to craft breweries to parks into one dynamic 158-acre space. The development incorporates relaxing residential living with the bustle of a city environment for a setting that is perfect for young professionals and other residents who want to be able to go from their home to their office to the bar without walking more than a few steps.

Another example is our Water’s Edge community, which is a resort-style neighborhood near Lake Dallas. Surrounded by a forest of trees, this multi-family community trades some of the cityscape appeal of The Riverwalk at Central Park for more of the oasis-style charm of our single-family developments.

Each Centurion American multi-family community offers a different experience. We have engineered community master plans to complement the way people live, work, and play. All you need to do is pick the development that best matches your values, priorities, and preferred amenities.

Are you interested in learning more about our development communities of Dallas multi-family homes? Get in touch with Centurion American today.

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